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Home: Manicured

Home: Manicured is a visual examination of my parents' house twenty years after it was built. As an adult, I see my childhood home differently than when I resided there throughout my formative years. While my own space is in constant state of change, my parent’s home has become similar to that of a time capsule, where history is carefully preserved and the rooms saturated with reminiscence.

Over time, my mother with her sole duty as a homemaker became the resident curator of my parents’ house, placing specific objects on permanent collection while seasonally cycling through others, dependent on holiday themes. Each room contains a certain color palette of bold and contrasting colors that offset the display of inherited antiques, kitschy trinkets, handmade items, and everyday objects procured over the years. Everything has an exact order and placement which is not to be disturbed. This project explores the impact that light, shape, texture, and color have on the collection of personal possessions and space within the museum of my parents’ household.


Spring Starting Station
Janet's Reading Space
Foyer Chandelier
Early Morning Reflections In July
Mom and Dad's Room
Color Compromise
Bottle Shadows
Foyer Reflections
Spring Morning in the Kitchen


Evening Observations
Stepping Through the Threshold
janet's Kitchen Corner
The Florida Bird
Brittany's Ballet Slippers
Grandpa's Armadillos
Tom's Daily Paddle
Tom's Mug
Mémère's Bowls
Janet's Animals
The Butterfly Room
Where the Water Never Goes
Dad's World


Cranial Creation


Mom's Perfume Bottles
A Sister is a Special Friend
Pussy Willows


The Birds
Under the Kitchen Chairs
Sliver Dollar Shadows
Janet's Oscar
Janet's Bedroom Mirror
Entering with Clean Feet
Holly's Shelf
Ready for Laundry
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